"Who Are We"

Sustainable Landscapes has been Providing Professional Landscaping solutions for Commercial Businesses and Home Owners Associations customers for over a decade. We are Landscapers who proudly implement Xeriscape Solutions “Florida Friendly Planting” for our customers. We focus of sustainable practices, being especially mindful of water smart planting. Sustainable Landscapes Inc. owner, Agustin Vargas is well verse in understanding all aspects of Florida Friendly planting and continues his education yearly in this arena. Sustainable Landscapes has knowledgeable and experienced team members, many with Sustainable Landscapes for more than 10 years. Our Team strives on going above and beyond to meet your every expectation with your Landscape visions.


"Our Mission Statement"

We seamlessly and continually simplify unique and cost-effective methods for all your Landscaping needs.


"Customer Satisfaction"

The first step in exceeding your customer's expectations is to know those expectations, then implement the 7 golden rules. 

  1. Encourage Face-to-Face Dealings
  2. Respond to Messages Promptly & Keep Your Clients Informed
  3. Be Friendly and Approachable
  4. Have a Clearly-Defined Customer Service Policy
  5. Attention to Detail (also known as “The Little Niceties”)
  6. Anticipate Your Client’s Needs & Go Out Of Your Way to Help Them Out
  7. Honor Your Promise